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 Kazuyuki Oda


Registered as a limited company Intercross


Development and sales of the superficial perception scale “Algesio-meter”


Ordered for the development of human thermal comfort threshold meter from Human Life Engineering Research Center
Was issued the Grants-in-aid for scientific Research. Collaborative research and Development of the Bunka Women’s clothing hygieiology class.
Wind speed stimulation device development commissioned by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Agency of Industrial Science and Technology National Institute of Bioscience and Human-Technology.


“intercross-310” A data Acquisition System development and sale
Delivered the 1st Unit to the University of Tokyo University Hospital.
Was issued the Tokyo Collaborative technology Revitalization grant.
Collaborative research and development Jikei University School of Medicine Department of Neurology.


Was entrusted with development of the tapping equipment from Jikei Medical University 3rd Hospital of Neurology.
Developed Heart Rate Variability analysis system. Delivered the 1st Unit to the University of O-saka City University.


Developed a strain gauge plethysmographic system
Delivered the 1st Unit to the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences.
Developed skin model systems.
Delivered the 1st Unit to WACOAL HOLDINGS CORP.


Developed fMRI heat and cold stimulation device. Delivered the 1st Unit to Nihon University Itabashi Hospital.
Developed a DAQ terminal of the main biological signal. Delivered the 1st Unit to Kanagawa University of Human Services.


Opened an incubator office in Osaka City University.
Increased the capital up to 10 million yen, and changed the company name to the Intercross CORPORATION.


Announced the microneurogram which was co-developed with International Medical Center of Japan.
Launch into market “ANALYSIS” an analysis software for electromyogram of electroencephalogram.


Moved the head office to Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
Developed stimulation device for inner thermal pain. Delivered the 1st Unit to Nihon University school of Dentistry.


Was entrusted with development for a fatigue test software Fatigue project at Osaka City University
Developed electrogastrogram probes / Delivered the 1st Unit to Kitasato University Oriental Medicine Research Center.


Was entrusted with support grants for manufacturing small business product development and others (support projects for demonstration etc.)
“Building of a fatigue management system”
Collaboration with Osaka City University School of Medicine.


Developed occlusion probes Delivered the 1st equipment to Nihon University school of Dentistry.
Developed simple skin model systems / Delivered the 1st equipment to Association of Synthetic Textile Inspection.
Developed a dry electrode of the electroencephalogram / Delivered the 1st Unit to Kyushu Institute of Technology.
Developed a electroencephalogram probe for internal use of MRI / Delivered the 1st Unit to Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Approved and recommended from TAMA Innovation Promotion Committee.


Developed a film-type myoelectric sensor.
A pain sensory stimulation device for mice Developed intercross-2000N.
Developed an water supply testing machine of fiber.
Co-developed glasses-type electrocardiographic sensor with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.


Launch into market intercross-230 A simple type of warm and cold sensor device.
Began to supply small EMG amplifiers as OEM products to ATR-promotions company.


Delivered Thermo Stagea and Stress measurement in Daikin Solution Plaza “fuha:Osaka”
Delivered the sensitivity evaluation system.


Developed the gel electrode for EEG together with National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities.
Demonstrated to their Majesties the Emperor and Empress in 16th International Congress of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists: WFOT2014.


Developed scratching analyzer device.
Delivered intercross-210 to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in USA.


Launch intercross-413.
Developed tactile stimuli device and delivered to RIKEN(The Institute Physical and Chemical Research.)


Launch intercross-415.
Exhibited in COMPAMED/MEDICA 2017.

Academic conference we have exhibited

Ergonomics Society, Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology, Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology, Japanese Society of Biometeorology
Japanese Society of Cognitive Neuroscience, Japan Society of Neurovegetative Research etc.


#2801, 5-5-21 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku Tokyo 171-0021 JAPAN