Gel electrode intercross-810


This Gel enables EEG measurement without paste.

Medical Equipment:Gel electrode (Disposable)
General term:Electrode For EEG recording
Notification No. 13B2X10278000001


intercross-810E(Conical form)

Gel chip (conical form, disposable)

Gel hook cable

Gel cup                          8 pcs each




Gel electrode chip (Disposable)

Conical form 120pcs 

 (8 pcs /15 packs)



High conductivity 13.2Ωcm

High capacity to hold moisture which can withstand long measurement

Similar to viscoelasticity of skin   105.4 kPa         similar to elasticity of skin


Time-dependent changes in the weight of the solid-gel and paste

Time course of the electrode impedance of the solid-gel and metal pin, and conventional paste-based electrodes mounted on the head.


●Head Cap  intercross-810-21

●Extension Cable  

intercross-810-11   60cm  DIN1.2mm
intercross-810-12   150cm  DIN1.2mm


Main literature list

A non-adhesive solid-gel electrode for a non-invasive brain-machine interface
Shigeru Toyama, Kouji Takano and Kenji Kansaku
frontiers in NEUROLOGY doi: 10.3389/ fneur.2012.00114


The National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities Research Institute developed this product, then we manufacture them according to their manufacturing technique.
It is manufactured and sold by receiving a license by Japan Health Sciences Foundation application of patent registration No. 5277405.