Minimum DAQ Terminal intercross-416

Integrated terminal to measure various electrophysiological data with simple operation.

Small, wearable and accurate device that monitors electrophysiological measurement,

acceleration, respiration, pulse and others, by changing connectors up to 4 channels.

●Light weight and high reliability which realizes long time continuous measurement.

●4 channels

A wide range of connector for various measurement:
EEG, EMG, EOG, Respiration, EKG, Force, Pulse, Acceleration.

Simple operation and accurate measurement of 4 channels with a specialized software.

Minimum DAQ Terminal  :   intercross-416
Input channel 4 ch
Measurement items EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG, Acceleration, Respiration, Pulse etc
Input mode Differential input
Amplification 1 to 24 times
Sampling rate 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz
Input impedance 1GΩ
Resolution 24bit
Built-in acceleration 3-axis ±16G     8G     4G     2G (Selecting one item)
Built-in Gyro 3-axis ±2000      1000   200    125   dps  (Selecting one item)
Air pressure sensor 30-110 k Pa (±0.6Pa   ±5cm height difference)
Temperature sensor 0-100℃
Trigger-in 2ch  TTL
Communication Bluetooth
Battery Li-ion battery   17 hours of continuous use
Size / Weight 90mm×52mm×16mm        68g
Electrode impedance 0-200kΩ
Standard accessory Single-pole 3ch & Biopolar 1ch cable connector

1 charging cable    1 manual



bipolar 4 channels


single-pole 4 channels


single-pole 3 channels and
bipolar 1 channel


Acceleration 3-axis
bipolar 1 channel 


Respiration / Pulse/
bipolar 2 channels



Gel electrode