DAQ Master intercross-311

Real-time electrophysiological measurements and analysis software

DAQ master software monitors and analyzes the waveform by communication with intercross-413/415/416 via Bluetooth in real-time and it can be performed measurement items setting, waveform drawing and simple calculation.

Each channels setting of measurement items.

Interelectrode resistance measurement.

The synchronization of measurement and external USB camera.

Filter setting.

Analyze of arbitrary channel such as FFT.

ICA function, isolated EOG wave from EEG wave.

DAQ Master performs the following analysis in option.



Displayed detected R wave from electrocardiogram waveform and HR graph , and real time drawing of autonomic nerves index LF, HF,  L/H,  RMSSD


●DAQ-ERP    Event Related Potential

ERP analysis in real-time, ex. P300 , SEP analysis