Micro DAQ Terminal intercross-413

Integrated terminal to measure various electrophysiological data with simple operation.

Ultra small, wearable and accurate device that monitors electrophysiological measurement,

acceleration, respiration, pulse and others by changing connectors up to 4 channels.


Ultra light weight and high reliability which realizes long time measurement.

A wide range of connector for various measurement:
EEG, EMG, EOG, Respiration, EKG, Force, Pulse, Acceleration.


Simple operation and accurate measurement of 4 channels with a specialized software.

Micro DAQ Terminal  :   intercross-413
Input channel 4  ch
Measurement items EEG,ECG,EMG,Acceleration, Respiration, Pulse
Input mode Differential input
Amplification 1 to 12 times
Sampling rate 250Hz   500Hz   1kHz   2kHz
Input impedance 1GΩ
Resolution 24 bit
Communication Bluetooth 
Trigger-in 1 channel  TTL
Battery Lithium-ion battery (8 hours of continuous use)
Size / Weight 64㎜×37㎜×16㎜      38g
Standard accessory  1 charging cable      1 Manual



bipolar 4 channels


single-pole 4 channels


single-pole 3 channels and
bipolar 1 channel


Acceleration 3-axis
bipolar 1 channel 


Respiration / Pulse/
bipolar 2 channels


Gel electrode