Thermoception Analyzer intercross-210


High accuracy thermoregulation system with the Peltier element.
3 measurement functions for the evaluation of somatic sensation.

Thermal threshold measurement■

It measures the human thermal comfort threshold using the heat flux as an indicator.

It independently evaluates the warm and cold sensation in a short time.

It realizes a low speed thermoregulation of 0.1℃/sec by high accuracy.

Threshold for pain sensation measurement■

It measures threshold of pain by accurate control of repeated fluctuation of temperature.

Pain stimulation measurement■

It stimulates skin in thermostat rate of up to 15 ℃ /sec.

It has high- speed temperature control system to avoid overshoot.

The stimulation measurement is possible inside of MRI (MRI unit is option.)

Pain Offset Relief


Synchronization input unit

External synchronizing input 6ch.
1kHz sampling.
Brain waves, an electrocardiogram and blood flow sweat rate are measured with temperature stimulation by synchronization.


■Analyze a threshold for warm and cold sense.

It independently evaluates the absolute value of the human thermal comfort threshold

using the heat flux between device probe and skin as index of measurement.

Measurement Screen 25mm square probe with heat fulx


Measurement protocol

*Rationale for setting heat flux as an index of measurement. 

Compared with temperature, heat flux is a more accurate reflection of thermal energy moving between substances.

For example, when we compare a metal and piece of wood on our skin, we feel that the metal is colder,

even if both materials have exactly same temperature. This means that the perception of temperature is related to

the flow of thermal energy between objects and skin, and not the actual temperature itself.

By setting the heat flux as an indicator, this enables the evaluation of absolute values which is not possible with a temperature index.


■ Threshold for pain sensation

It is high- precise control system at the time of awareness with few overshoot.
It sifts or reverses to the next stimulation smoothly.

Measure a threshold according to the difference of temperature.

Measurement Screen 10mm square water-cooled probe


■ Stimulation of pain sensation

Probe temperature changes according to a setting temperature program.


10mm square water-cooled probe

・Range of stimulating temperature:    -10℃~50℃(limited by a limiter function) 
・Thermoregulation speed:      0.1~15℃/sec
・Thermoregulation sequence segment number:    Maximum 100 segments


【For Human】

Air-cooled 25mm square probe for heat flux  10mm square probe
Probe for intraoral  10mm square probe for face

【For Animal】

3mm square




Temperature sensor
Heat flux sensor
Range for temperature control
Thermoregulation speed for probe
0.1 ℃/sec ~15℃/sec
Sampling frequency
1Hz  10Hz  100Hz  500Hz  512Hz
1000Hz  1024Hz   (possible alternative)
Input channel 8ch
1ch: Probe temperature
2ch: Heat flux of probe3ch~8ch: Option
Input range ±10V
Thermoregulation method Peltier element
Output USB
Power supply AC100V  50/60Hz
Configuration 350mm×300mm×70mm
Weight 5kg


Power cable
Event switch intercross-210-02
USB cable intercross-210-04


4 analog input cable set
Pump unit for water-cooled probe intercross-210-06


Measuring software for threshold of warm and cold sense : intercross-210-51
<Measurement condition setting items>
Thermoregulation mode
Temperature mode, Heat flux mode, Double-blind mode
Starting temperature designation
Temperature or Heat flux
Thermoregulation speed
0.1℃/sec  0.3℃/sec  0.5℃/sec  (Select)
Thermoregulation direction
Heating or Cooling
Result list

Starting temperature, Awareness temperature,
Awareness temperature difference,
Awareness time, Starting heat flux,
Awareness heat flux,
Awareness heat flux difference
Integral value of the heat flux
The number of the display channel Maximum 8 channel


Program for stimulation of pain sensation : intercross-210-52
<Thermoregulation setting item>
A basement temperature or basement heat flux
(Designation optionally)
Thermoregulation speed 0.1℃/sec~5℃/sec  (Designation optionally)
The number of thermoregulation repetition
1 ~20times  (Designation optionally)
The initial thermoregulation direction
Heating or Cooling (Select)
Result list
Skin temperature at the time of awareness
Average value of skin temperature at the time of awareness
Standard deviation value of skin temperature at the time of awareness
Maximum value of skin temperature at the time of awareness
Minimum value of skin temperature at the time of awarenes
The number of the display channel Maximum 8 channel

 Configuration of intercross-210 system 

Threshold for warm and cold sense   Stimulation of pain Threshold for pain sense
Probe 25mmsquare
water-cooled with heat flux
10mm square
With bloodstream hole 
intercross-210-51  intercross-210-53
 – Pump unit for water-cooled probe Pump unit for water-cooled probe


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