Thermoception Analyzer

Thermoception Analyzer
intercross-212 intercross-220
Research use Clinical use


Probes for intercross-212
Air-cooled 25mm square probe for heat flux  10mm square probe
Probe for intraoral 10mm square probe for face


Evaluate the Thermoception

●3 functions.  QST / TGI / Offset

●3 stimulation plates.  The temperature can be controlled all together or separately.

●Equips 2 sensors.  Heat flux and Temperature


■QST/ Quantitative Sensory Testing

Evaluate the warm / cold threshold and hot / cold pain threshold.
The temperature of all 3 stimulation plates increases or decreases at the same time.
2 choices of preset temperature : specified temperature or skin temperature.


CPM / Conditioned Pain Modulation■

Hypoesthesia led by other pain stimuli.


TGI / Thermal Grill Illusion■

Verification of illusion appearance using simultaneous warm and cold stimulation.
The temperature increase / decrease of the central plate can be controlled separately.

■Offset / Offset Pain Relief ■

Testing method that detects pain VAS in real time during set temperature stimulation.



Stimulation plate size 69mm×38mm (3 plates)

23mm×38mm per each

Range for temperature control
Thermoregulation speed for probe
0.1 ℃/sec ~3℃/sec
Output Wifi
Power supply AC100V  
Size 250mm×350mm×240mm
Weight 4kg

 Standard accessory

Event switch 1 pc